"Seattle in Progress" – A way to stay engaged in Seattle’s planning and development

Do you ever pass by construction sites and wonder what’s being built? There are land use notice signs, but they are usually covered in graffiti or have little detailed information. The City publishes design proposals from the architects, but it’s hard to find them the City’s website, where few people will ever see them.

Seattle in Progress is the answer to this issue. There is a mobile web app that informs residents in local land use and design decisions. All the basic information about a planned building is available with a quick click on a map. And detailed design proposals can be viewed easily and you can even sign up to get updates via email. Below is an example of a project proposal and a rendering from the design proposal:

proposal_pic_seattleinprogress seattleinprogress_propsal_examples

Give Seattle in Progress a try on the computer at www.seattleinprogress.com. You can also receive notifications of upcoming development projects by following us on Twitter, @seattle_nprgres. Our Brokers use the app to learn more about our neighborhoods, and we’re always discovering interesting developments and things that might affect our client’s properties or listings.

Posted on October 31, 2016 at 11:36
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