The Craziest Way to Get to Know Seattle

Visitors are Coming

We’ve all been here before. It’s the season when friends and family want to visit you in Seattle. The problem is they’re visiting soon…very soon, and we have no idea where to take them or what to show them.

Maybe you’re too new to Seattle that you haven’t found any phenomenally amazing places to show off to your loved ones. Or, maybe you’ve been in the area for a long time, done a fair amount of exploring for yourself, but you don’t think your visitors would be into your favorite spots.

Not to worry, we’ve got the answer.
[Warning, this will turn you into a wild tourist, but it’s only temporary.]

All Aboard the Duck Tour

Wait! Don’t leave. We know this is the quintessential tourist ride frequented by obnoxious quackers and obvious out of towners, and you swore you’d never be caught dead on that thing…but, just hear us out.

Don’t forget, your problem is that you don’t know where and what to show off first. Seattle is a complex city and one type of person could get lost in an entirely different part of the city than another person. The Duck Tour is a fun for all ages and sure fire catch all. Think about it. The tour is a quick 90 minutes. It starts at Seattle Center, which is home base for the Space Needle, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chihuly Garden and Glass, MoPOP, Pacific Science Center, and tons more attractions, events, eateries, and Seattle life. The Duck takes you and your lovely band of quackers down to Elliot Bay Waterfront, passes the Great Wheel and underneath the “soon to be replaced by Bertha,” Alaskan Way Viaduct. This relaxing cruise puts you in Pioneer Square and alongside Pike Place Market and Westlake Center.

This is where you might get weird looks from people standing/walking in the streets. You’re encouraged to wave and shout at them, they’re part of the tour. Also, for documentation purposes, don’t forget to tell your Seattle friends you’re doing the duck tour, so they can find you and take a great photo of you for social media. 😜

Keep in mind the tour guide, aka Captain, will be playing music, feeding you fun trivia about the artists and why they wrote the song in “that hotel,” and telling all sorts of great stories about Seattle. The Captain might tell you about some great activities coming up, and other awesome places to visit.

Back to the tour. Once you get out of Downtown, the tour takes you across the Fremont Bridge to Fremont and passed Gas Works Park. Here comes the fun part. Your visitor might be wetting their pants at this point because the tour is headed into the water. Right into Lake Union for a casual jaunt around the lake, as the Captain continues his/her commentary on prices of floating homes and owners of the Yachts and other must-know tidbits.

The tour wraps up as it takes you back to home base near Seattle Center.

We’re not getting paid by the Duck Tour. Duck Tour isn’t even the real name. We’re just convinced this is the easiest and craziest way to throw tons of information at your visitor while getting them excited to explore more of the city. Plus, if it completely fails, then the rest of their visit is certain to be amazing because you’ve already set the lowest of expectations.

Let us know if you have better suggestions.

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