Creating Zen: In Home and Life

It’s a noisy world out there. In our daily lives, we’re constantly bombarded with instant notifications, emails and phone calls, alarms, construction on every corner, car horns, and all of that city noise to navigate through. The rush and the pressure to keep your footing, in an increasingly hectic atmosphere, certainly bears influence over the state of our homes and our minds.

Hit the pause button. Take back some semblance of calm when your environment’s chatter threatens to blow your proverbial speakers. Cultivating a Zen space for meditation in your home is for YOU and it’s right now (almost).

Creating Space

The easy stuff! This is the mondo fun part where you get to repurpose a section of your home for your greater good.

Choose your space.

Your ideal meditation space should provide maximum privacy and minimal distraction. So, probably not smack dab in the middle of your living room or home office. Choose a quiet spot you can imagine yourself relaxing in. Once you’ve claimed your stake, it’s time to appeal to the senses.

Supply your space according to sight, touch, sound, and smell.

Adorn your Zen space with visuals that are minimalist but meaningful, and help to inspire a sense of calm. Create mood lighting, hang framed photos of botanical scenes or philosophical mantras (anything you find simple and beautiful). These are all great visual cues to set your mind on the right path.

Invest in items that support your body while you meditate. A large comfortable throw pillow or removable couch cushion is a must. Keep soft blankets nearby in the event that your meditation session turns into the perfect nap-portunity (because naps are healing to the mind too, friends).

Provide a meaningful auditory experience. This can be an important component of meditating as well, especially if you’re a novice. Learning to quiet your mind doesn’t necessarily mean that silencing your entire environment is mandatory. While a track of nature sounds or instrumental music can help to fade outside noises to the background, they can also drown out deafening silence which often leads to the bombardment of thoughts. Your chosen auditory ambiance will focus you, and make your mediation session that much more effective.

Aromatherapy. Whether by scented candle or essential oils, aromatherapy aids in reducing and eliminating stress. Not into fragrance? No problem. Unscented candles help to create that mood lighting we talked about earlier. Win, win.

Keep your space sacred.

The most difficult set up to maintain: no technology! With the exception of the device you choose to play your music (or guided meditation app), a ban on technology removes the temptation to check in with social media or work obligations and to check out of your Zen space.

Engaging Space

Now you have a beautiful, serene, and self-made space to achieve peace of mind. As my Designated Broker, John Wellman, always says, “The proof is in the practice”. So make it happ’n, capp’n! Take the time to enjoy your new Zen space, to practice the technique of resting the mind through meditation, and to show off your tricked-out space to all of your friends. As they say, calm inspires calm. And wouldn’t that be lovely?

Need More Guidance?

There is a ton of information out there regarding zen spaces, chi, peace in your life, quite rooms, relaxation, and creating peace of mind. Our recommendation is to pick one reliable source and see what you can get out of that one source. No need to overwhelm yourself looking at 20 different sources on Zen…talk about counterintuitive. We found this article from Yoga International to be just what we were looking for.

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