Changes and Milestones that You Might Have Missed in 2017

Did you know Seattle broke several records this year? Have you noticed all of the changes happening around you? Did you know if you were looking for this website a year ago, you’d be – – – – out of luck! Do you remember when the whole city turned white and shut down? What is Seattle, without rain? Dry humor.

Breaking Records and Making Changes

Here’s a breakdown of 2017’s big changes and milestones, in Seattle and at the Wall Street Group, that you might have missed while texting.


The launch of

Envisioned, by the owner of the Wall Street Group, to be a “one-stop shop” for everything that Seattle has to offer, the website has taken off and is grabbing the attention of more than 2,000 people/month. Pretty cool if you ask us. The most viewed pages are the Neighborhood Reports, the blogs, and the LOVE content (obviously, because who isn’t intrigued by LOVE?).


Seattle “shuts down

Monday, February 6th, snow swaddled Seattle overnight, closing schools and keeping many people home from work. What a drag that was, huh? Staying home with the family and enjoying a rare snow day. Should we make it a holiday in remembrance of such a rare event? We’ll talk to the Mayor.



Sun and tulips started creeping back into our lives as we all put on our summer garbs WAY too early.



Record-breaking month. Record-breaking month. Record-breaking month.

You read that right. Seattle broke 3 records in April.

From October 2016 to April 2017 (because, if we counted every month it rains we’d be cheating) Seattle took on 44.7” of rain, breaking the Rainfall Record from the previous year. That’s deep enough to paddleboard!

As the sky was naturally pouring down on us in copious amounts, didn’t it seem like it was raining every day? Well, almost. For 144 days, between October 2016 and April 2017, Seattle had more than .01 inches of rain. Thus breaking the record for the number of wet days.

In a different awards ceremony, Seattle celebrated the population officially passing 700,000 people. Keep in mind, the official-ness of the count is really more of a very educated, very calculated, and extremely researched guess. This is most likely the best guess we’ll get, as it is provided by the city of Seattle and Washington state, with collaboration with U.S. Census Bureau. (Sorry for all of that. We love data.)


The MarketFront was Completed

Pike Place MarketFront project completed in May, but the grand opening was the following month. Keep reading for the excitement


Open for business!

The previous owners traded places with our new owner, of Wall Street Group – Windermere Real Estate, in June. A friendly passing of the baton and business is as usual.

Oh right. Pike Place MarketFront opened to the public, too.



Kusama comes to Seattle at the SAM

Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese contemporary artist who likes to work in sculpture and installations, showed Seattle what an infinity experience might look and feel like.

“Our earth is only one polka dot among a million start in the cosmos. Polka dots are a way to infinity.” – Yayoi Kusama


Don’t look at it!

Remember when the earth was going to stop rotating? Or how about when we were all going to turn into zombies? What about the time when we all looked at the Total Solar Eclipse without proper SolarGlasses (made of cardboard)?

Yes, we actually heard those claims. And don’t say you didn’t look at the Eclipse with your bare eyes. We’ve never seen what 9% of the Sun looked like either. (p.s. if you find any typos it’s because our eyes are still recovering)

Dry Humor

Would you believe that Seattle broke 2 rainfall records and in the same year we also claim the driest stretch too? We sure did! For a record-breaking 56 days, Seattle was without its most talked about characteristic, rain.



So, let’s get this out of the way. The Seahawks. First-year missing the postseason since 2011. But we started off strong with 4 wins during the preseason and ending the season over .500. Let’s keep our heads high and let’s hear it in 2018, 12s!

The Mariners. Oh, Mariners. They didn’t make it to the postseason…again…but did you get a chance to check out the homerun food offerings at Safeco Field? Ballard Pizza Co., Great State Burger, and Poquitos! Tempted to buy season tickets for the food. Yumm!

The Sounders had a great season with a 14-11 record, and making it to the MLS Cup finals. Not to mention our 9-year streak of having the best record in the MLS. We’re really looking forward to next season.

Space Needle gets a Spacelift

If you’ve been able to pull your eyes off of your phone for a moment and look up. You’ll notice the Space Needle looks a bit different. That’s because it’s getting a facelift. To be more specific, the safety cage that hinders the view will be replaced with floor to “sky” glass barrier; from the renderings, it looks like the restaurants may be getting fitted with a glass floor.


Oktober Fests, scare-athons, and “hello” cold weather again (we had a good run, sun).


Giving back and get-togethers

We couldn’t say enough about how much the Wall Street Group Brokers do for the community. All year long, they attend in charity events, roll their sleeves up for community service, and gladly pull their checkbooks out. November is a special time during the year when the staff, owners, and dozens of Brokers come together to help a few organizations.

Every year for last 15 years, our Brokers have offered a hand to help out families in need of a Thanksgiving dinner, with Child Haven, Northwest Harvest Food Drive, and #tacklehomelessness. It’s truly a beautiful time of year.


Wrap it up

As we wrapped up a monumental year of changes, experiences, and a dynamic real estate market, we had a few more things to squeeze in. A couple more community events to provide winter clothing and toys to Seattle youth, and one amazing holiday party. Chihuly Garden and Glass hosted the Brokers of Wall Street Group for our Annual Holiday Party, and all we can say is, wow and #blessed. Blessed to have a community of relationships like you to look after one another and grow this wonderful city together.

And there ya have it, the most phenomenal changes and milestones in 2017. Maybe we stretched the meaning of phenomenal and milestones a bit, but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Either way, 2017 was a great year for us at the Wall Street Group and it was pretty cool to watch all of the changes happen in Seattle.

We are predicting 2018 to be even more phenomenal.

How was your 2017? Any big changes?

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Wrapping up a December Full of Winter Memories

Holiday, party, Parties, invitations, invite, fun, cheer, past, present, future, memory, memories, heart, secret, Santa, gift, Eggnog, food, share, brandy, alcohol, drinks, presents, gift, work, frustration, vacation, year, end, summer, nice, warm, December, pure, winter, season, seasonal

Yes, ’tis the season to create some memorable times. Don’t you remember your first glass of Eggnog? Or that one family get-together you can’t stop giggling about?

And, forget about the cold, dark, and short days. December truly is a great time of year. It’s a time of celebration for a year of hard work. A time for gathering with friends and family and sharing each other’s company. A time for passing on traditions to your children and new family members. It’s also a great time to slow down and take a vacation. But you know all of that. Heck, you’ve probably got something planned tonight so, we’ll keep this short.

Take in the celebrations or libations

For those of us that don’t have Festivus to attend later, here are a few ideas, from our team, to get you out of the house and into some holiday fun.

Spend some time at the 
Reindeer Festival
November 11 – December 24

Swanson’s Nursery website reports “[trees] are going fast,” but that shouldn’t stop you from taking the kiddos by to get their photos with Santa and his REAL reindeer. They’ve also scheduled a delightful Cello Concert at 6 pm, on December 21st.

Take in the spectacle and smells of Gingerbread Village
November 21 – January 1

Architects, builders, and culinary teams took to the Graham cracker and various sweets and frostings to create a yummy installation of the future city of Seattle. Viewing hours last nearly all day and night, so there’s no reason you can’t see this amazing dessert display. Stop by and what the city planners and developers envision for Seattle’s future.

Enjoy a holiday classic ballet, 
The Nutcracker
November 24 – December 28

A beautiful story in which a young girl’s favorite Christmas toy comes to life and whisks her away to a magical kingdom.

Take the family to Winterfest
November 24 – January 1 (closed December 25)

Located at Seattle Center, Winterfest is a 5-week long holiday and winter celebration. Fun for the family, including FREE events and performances at the Armory, winter train and village, ice sculptures, and ice skating.

Cheers and Feast
around Seattle

So you’re not into the holiday-specific events. Maybe you just want to find some holiday style meals or drinks, look no further. On any given day, you can find about 2,041,347.134 things to do around Seattle, so we had our friends at The Stranger put this list together for us, for you. (we just searched food and drink events on Enjoy!

Shop till you drop

Hey, maybe you’re not into any of those things. You could always go shopping downtown if you haven’t yet. Tis the season for deals upon deals.

Whatever you end up doing, bundle up, put on your Cheermeister crown, and enjoy your company. Oh, get your Vitamin-D. It’s important!


So, what are you going to do? Big plans?

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Another Successful Thanksgiving Food Drive to Support the Families of ChildHaven

For the last 15 years, continued through warm hearts and selflessness, agents of the Wall Street office have had the privilege of providing Thanksgiving groceries to families in need. The organization that makes this possible is ChildHaven, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1909 to heal families and children and stop the cycle of abuse and neglect.

This year we were humbled to lend a hand to 15 families in need. By providing all of the items necessary to make a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, nearly 140 people (children, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles) were able to commune with one another over their truly home-cooked meal.

We would like to give a special thank you to the QFC on lower Queen Anne who helped facilitate the food shopping experience. General Manager, Christopher Randish, Produce Manager, Jeremiah Kelly, and their team made the experience effortless by having items arranged, boxed, and nearly ready to go when we showed up at 8:00 am. Everything went smoothly with their generous help.

Turkey, holding, thanksgiving, event, helping, hand, others, donate, service, community, helpout, giveback, give, back, struggling, spread, wealth, help, belltown, qfc, groceries, food, drive, bank, hungry, hunger, family, families, children, clothes, nonprofit, organization, orgs, business, love, seattle, queen, anne, neighborhood, photography, liveloveown, shopping, group, Wall, Street, Agents, ChildHaven, Community, Service, Event

We were so grateful to be able to touch the lives of so many families this year and will continue to look forward to the next opportunity to reach out to our community to provide what we can. We also had a lot of fun. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Turn to the Art Scene When Seattle Turns Cold and Grey

Grey Weather in Seattle is a trending topic

We often cruise the cosmic interwebs (e.g. Google trends, Facebook feeds, and news articles) to see what the buzz is, around Seattle. After all, we’re involved in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world (currently), and it’s our job to know what people are talking about. Oddly enough, a lot of people are wondering what there is to do during the cold and rainy winter season and how people survive “this weather.” We’ll assume most of the people asking questions like this are Seattle transplants, but we have encountered a few Seattleites sounding a similar request.

The fact is Seattle doesn’t shut down when the weather changes from the beautiful sunny summer to the grey…other season. Actually, quite the opposite. This is when Seattle’s culture gets to shine.

Seattle is a city of Art

See, over the years, Seattle has grown to be a thriving city for the arts community. As early as the 1920’s, Seattle began to emerge as an international arts center. Jazz, Russian ballet performances, painters, and musicians of all kinds began showcasing their talents here. As of January 2011, Seattle was home to 4,571 arts-related businesses employing over 20,000 people. If that’s not compelling enough, Seattle was recently designated by UNESCO, as a City of Literature in the Creative Cities Network. Seattle is the top city in the United States for arts organizations per capita, and our nonprofit arts landscape is the fourth largest in the USA. Needless to say, apart from the booming tech industry as of late, the art culture has always been the major factor in people’s decision to relocate to the Seattle area.

[arve url=”″ title=”Welcome to Seattle City of Literature” description=”Listen to a few of the many literary leaders in Seattle discuss why Seattle is such a literary city and why it would make such a great addition to UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. ” upload_date=”Monday, July 13, 2015 at 2:52 AM EST” /]

To add to its recent recognition, Seattle’s art scene is amplified by more than 140 theaters, museums, galleries, and arts-related businesses.




So, when the warm summer days, hikes with friends, long walks through downtown, and neighborhood festivals are put on hold during the grey season, look to the art scene. There are some hidden gems out there.

Don’t worry if art isn’t your thing

Of course, there are endless things to do in Seattle during the grey season. Are you a beer enthusiast? Would you rather spend your time in coffee shops, by the fire? I bet you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. What about dusting off those board games that you’ve accumulated over the years? Now is the perfect time self-exploration and indoor stimulation (although rainy hikes are quite liberating, too). What’s your favorite thing to do during the rainy, winter season?

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Fall into Some YOU Time

Well Seattle, we made it. It’s October and the fall is upon us. (Wait, is it fall or autumn? Oh…the season with 2 names).

Every year, the fall brings us vibrant colors, cooler weather, Halloween costumes, and a strong desire to take a vacation. You spent nearly every day this year, busting your tail and getting the most out of your day, and now you’re in need of some you time. But, is escaping to a distant location possible with the holidays right around the corner? No, what you need is a local escape. Something to whisk your mind away from the daily grind and let you breathe in the Seattle Area that you’ve grown to love. Luckily, while you were doing what you do best, we did some homework for you.

Seattle has some incredible events, places, and opportunities to escape to during October. And, with Halloween right around the corner, there are some unique opportunities for personal expression. Something that we, too often, forget about.

Halloween Things to Do

Here are some Halloween themed events and activities to help you “escape” – family fun and some over 21 festivities.

Let us know if you’ve heard of an event that we missed!

[ai1ec view=”agenda” cat_name=”Family Fun, Age Restricted”]

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Get Your Poke Fix

The poke craze

Seattle is no doubt known for its seafood. Tourists come from far and wide to watch fish thrown through the air, at Pike Place Market. But what is this poke phenomenon taking the city by storm? Could it replace coffee, as the number one craze in Seattle? Probably not, but since early 2016 – when poke was only found on menus as specialty items and at high-end grocery stores – more than 45 businesses have opened to provide you with poke, within the Seattle Metro area.

Am I saying it wrong?

Poke (pronounced ‘po-kay’) originated in Hawaiian cuisine as a raw fish appetizer. When fisherman had extra cutoffs from their catch, they would season the fresh fish and eat it as a snack. However, you won’t find anyone snacking on poke in Seattle. This dish it too good! We need it in a large bowl, “and don’t skimp on the seaweed.”

Now that we’ve got your mouth watering, check out our poke map, and figure out if your favorite Seattle neighborhood will make the cut in dishing up some awesome poke. Maybe you’ll fall deeper in love with your neighborhood.

map, filter, icon, green, blueClick the icon in the top left corner of the map to filter your poke choices by neighborhood. 

Let us know where your favorite poke spot is. Also, if we missed one, let us know!


Poke Up Food Truck
Poke Square
No Vacancy / Hotel Albatross
Billy Beach Sushi & Bar

Belltown/Denny Triangle

FOB Poke Bar
Karaage Setsuna
Urara Japanese Cuisine
Food Truck – Buddha Bruddah
Sushi Kashiba
Moon’s Kitchen Homemade Japanese Restaurant
Chan Seattle
Urban Sushi Kitchen
Shiro’s Sushi

Capitol Hill/Central/First Hill

Wanderfish Poke
Poke Bar
Newport Poke
Coffee Tree Poke
Seattle Fish Guys
Marination Station
Ikina Sushi

Downtown/International Dist./Pioneer Square

Poke Alice
Poke Bar
I Heart Sushi
Red Bowls Restaurant
Liana Cafe House
Food Truck – Buddha Bruddah
Sushi Kudasai

Fremont/Phinney Ridge/Wallingford

45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar
Nuna ramen
Mejari Fusion Sushi
Modern Japanese Cuisine & Setsuko Pastry

Hillman City

Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max


Metropolitan Market Magnolia

South Lake Union

Kai Market
Food Truck – Buddha Bruddah

University District

Hiroshi’s Poke
Village Sushi

West Seattle


Check out more poke info:

7 Things You Need to Know About Poke, from Food & Wine
Our 5 Favorite Seattle Poke Restaurants, from Seattle Magazine
Finding Perfect Poke in Puget Sound, from King 5
3rd Annual Seattle Poke Contest Winners Announced (Photos), from InsiderSeattle

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Falling in LOVE with Seattle

Take a stroll around any Seattle neighborhood. No two neighborhoods are the same. They each have distinct “personalities” that makes them unique. Yet, without each neighborhoods’ quirks and characteristics, Seattle wouldn’t be the beautifully awe-inspiring city that it is.

So, what is it about Seattle that makes it so unique? Why do people gravitate to Seattle? What is it that gets people talking all day and staying up all night? What is it that makes people fall in love with Seattle?

How do you fall in love?

We’ve been tossing around this idea of Seattle’s stimulating senses…join me on this journey really quick.

As you begin to connect and fall in love with someone, you typically excite some powerful senses about them, right? Think about it. Think about your current or last love (try to be positive).

  • Do they have a smell? Maybe their hair smells like roses, their neck smells like fresh cookies, or maybe you can’t get enough of their sweat after an intimate game of “tag.” 😉
  • What do they taste like? Does your mouth salivate at the thought of them?
  • What do they look like? Think more about HOW you see them. Are their eyes like the ocean – deep, powerful, hypnotizing, and mysterious – but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to look away; you drown in them?
  • How do they sound? Does their laugh make you laugh? When they share an intimate secret with you, does nothing else matter? When they sing, does the rest of the world go silent?
  • What do they feel like? Is their silky-smooth skin like the landscape of your dream destination?

Seattle’s Stimulating Senses

Now think about Seattle. Everywhere you go, you’re showered with beautiful sights (e.g. the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden, the Great Wheel) and alluring smells (e.g. food trucks, nature hikes). And depending on the activity, your senses could be amazed with sounds (e.g. Seattle Theater, Pike Place Market, a Seattle Seahawks game), tastes (e.g. any of Seattle’s incredible restaurants, your favorite coffee, your neighborhood Sunday market), and textures (e.g. the SAM, the gum wall, hiking). Seattle’s ability to touch several senses at once helps to solidify that experience in your memory and seduces you to explore further.

Why did YOU fall in love with Seattle?
If you haven’t yet, get out there and explore. Find a place that’ll stimulate your senses. Seattle has enough love for everyone. Cheers.

Check out more ways to fall in love with Seattle.

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The Windermere Wall Street Group Gives Back – 2017 Community Service Day

About Windermere Community Service Day

Every year Windermere closes its offices for one day to help make a positive difference in our local communities. It all started in 1984 when a handful of Windermere owners and agents came together to make repairs at a local elementary school. For over thirty years and more than one million hours of community service later, we’ve continued this tradition through neighborhood-enhancing projects in the areas where our Windermere teams live, work, and play.

Windermere Community Service Day 2017

This year, Community Service Day will be on Friday, June 9th.  Check out the projects below that the Windermere Wall Street Group will be participating in:

Windermere Wall Street/Downtown Seattle – Mary’s Place

The Wall Street office Brokers and staff will be focused on helping Mary’s Place, a Seattle-based non-profit that helps homeless families.  We will be working at two Mary’s Place locations in the downtown area.  One group will help with counting, sorting, and packing up donations to that will be sent out to different locations based on the needs that get submitted to Mary’s Place weekly.  This helps make sure that shelters and families get the help they need as quickly as possible!

At the second location, the Wall Street office will be helping out at the Mary’s Place store processing donations , organizing the store, and helping prep food in the kitchens for lunch!

This will be the fourth year in a row that the Windermere Wall Street office has worked with Mary’s Place for Community Service Day.  In the past, we have helped them at their Bell Street shelter and last year, we helped clean and prepare and old hotel that was given to them for temporary use by Amazon.  It was announced recently that Amazon was giving Mary’s Place a permanent home in their new headquarters and we can’t wait to help them at their new location in the future.

Click here for more information about Mary’s Place or make a donation here.

Windermere Queen Anne – Queen Anne Food Bank

The Brokers and staff of the Windermere Queen Anne office are holding a food drive to benefit the Queen Anne Food Bank. They will go out in the Queen Anne community a few days prior to Community Service Day to drop off donation bags to residents with a list of needed donations.  Then, on June 9th, they will go back to all of the homes, pick up the donations, sort them and take them to the food bank.

Queen Anne Food Bank

The Queen Anne Food Bank provides healthy food assistance to low-income and homeless people living in Seattle. Reducing hunger among our neighbors in need is possible through their partnerships with local businesses like the Windermere Wall Street Group and a caring community.

Click here to learn more about the Queen Anne Food Bank or make a donation here.

Windermere West Seattle – West Seattle Helpline

The West Seattle Windermere office is very much looking forward to volunteering to assist the West Seattle Helpline with their clothing outlet, The Clothesline, by sorting and organizing donations and well as laying carpet that was recently donated to them.

West Seattle Helpline

The West Seattle Helpline is a non-profit social service agency offering emergency assistance to West Seattle and White Center neighbors. They provide information, referrals, clothing, and financial assistance to help low-income individuals and families in need and strive to strengthen the community through “neighbors helping neighbors.”

You can learn more about the West Seattle Helpline here or click to make a donation.

Windermere Magnolia – Shredding, eCycle & Goodwill Donations

The Windermere Magnolia Brokers and staff will be holding a shredding and eCycle event, along with a donation drive for Goodwill.  The event is free and open to everyone, so if you have documents to shred or old electronics you wish to recycle, please come to the event.  You can also bring donations to be taken to Seattle-area Goodwill stores.

The event will be in the Magnolia Village on  33rd Avenue, between W McGraw St & Wheeler St (around the corner from the Farmer’s Market).

West Seattle Helpline

Seattle Goodwill works to address poverty and strengthen communities by preparing people for employment in the current and future marketplace. To find a local donation drop off site or to donate money, please click here.

Community First

The Windermere Wall Street Group of Seattle offices believe that by focusing first on our community, we can better understand and meet the needs of those who live within them. One way we do this is by supporting organizations that enrich the neighborhoods where we live and work.  Our Brokers and staff understand that it’s traditions that bring us together and make our communities stronger.








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Remember to GiveBIG on May 10 to Support the Windermere Foundation!

Wednesday, May 10 is GiveBIG, the third largest Giving Day in the country. The Windermere Foundation will be one of more than 1,600 nonprofits participating in this community-wide event in our region. Will you join in supporting the Windermere Foundation?

This year, we hope to raise more than we have in previous years. Please help us by making a donation through this link, and by asking your family and friends to donate, too! You can also schedule your payment early through this link and your credit card will not be charged until May 10.

We appreciate your help! You are making a BIG difference in the lives of low-income and homeless families in your communities. Thank you for your generosity and support!



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What is Live Love Own?

Discover Seattle and go on a journey with Live Love Own

A city known for its wet weather, great coffee, and sweeping mountain views, Seattle is packed with culture and coolness. If you’ve ever played tourist in Seattle, you’re likely aware of the city’s impressive landmarks like Alki Beach, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, and the Space Needle. Almost any visitor to Seattle will tell you it’s an excellent place to visit, and even better to call home.

If you are planning a move to Seattle or you’re already living here, it is important to familiarize yourself. is a portal to help you learn about attractions, culture, the real estate market and things that make our beautiful city tick. To help you get acquainted or learn more about the town, the Windermere Wall Street Group, along with our Brokers, have compiled the information you need to know in an easy-to-navigate site.

The website is broken down into three main sections:

LIVE – Getting to Know Seattle

This area is made up of the inner workings of the city and includes transportation (traffic, transit, and projects), links to property taxes, building permits, licensing and more information about city and state government.

LOVE – Falling in Love with the City

There are lots of things to see and do in Seattle, and our LOVE section puts it all at your fingertips.  Local happenings, arts,  culture, events and attractions, as well as sports, outdoor recreation, and pets.  We love to give back and have added links to our favorite charitable organization too.  It’s the perfect place to discover the fun stuff that makes you fall in love with our hometown.

OWN –Own the town

The Seattle real estate market is on fire and there are cranes and construction crews almost everywhere you look.  New development is happening all over the city and you can find out more about these projects in the OWN section.  You will find all things real estate, including neighborhood profiles, property and open house searches, schools and utilities.

REPORTS – The Real Estate Numbers

Data is important in the real estate business and each month we compile reports for nine Seattle markets.  We also produce a quarterly report for the Seattle metro area and will be introducing our new condominium report next quarter.  Our goal is to keep you educated about the market, so you can make informed decisions when the time comes to buy or sell a home.

Live Love Own Blog

Each week, we bring you content to help you learn about the real estate market, Seattle neighborhoods, and information that we think you’ll find relevant and helpful.  If you would like to automatically receive new posts, please sign up here.

What’s in Store

Many large corporations including Starbucks, Boeing, Costco, Nordstrom, Paccar, and Weyerhaeuser, are all headquartered in Seattle area, as well as a myriad of tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Zillow, and Tableau.  Google, Facebook, and other tech companies are moving workers to the city in droves.  Not only do these companies employ many Seattle residents, they also pay pretty well too. In fact, the median household income here is 44% higher than the median nationwide.   With these new tech workers and Seattle’s growing population (over 1100 new people per week), there are plenty of home buyers out there.

Property values continue to rise and the median price of a home in Seattle just reached $700,000.  That’s almost double what it was 5 years ago. It’s definitely a seller’s market and we are seeing stiff competition for listings with many receiving multiple offers and selling above their asking price.  If you have thrown around the idea of selling, you might consider doing it now to reap the rewards.

Whether it’s the cutting-edge tech scene, proximity to water and mountains, or the beautiful scenery around every corner, there are many reasons to live in, love and own Seattle.  With everything from high-rise condos in Belltown, Victorian beauties on Queen Anne, Mid-century moderns in Magnolia, or beach front living in West Seattle, there’s a perfect place here for you.






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