Seattle’s Best Neighborhood


It may seem like we say this a lot but, no two Seattle neighborhoods are the same. They each have distinct “personalities” that makes them unique. Without each neighborhoods’ quirks and characteristics, Seattle wouldn’t be the beautifully awe-inspiring city that it is.

So, which neighborhood is the best? Probably the one you’re currently living in, right? Or maybe it’s the one you gravitate to every time you need to throttle your taste buds, kick back with some culture, or loosen your inhibitions with some libations. We all have our guilty pleasures. So, just like all of the different quirks of each neighborhood, we have our own interests and idiosyncrasies.

How do you choose the best neighborhood? What do you look for?

  • Culture – hip, relaxed, business, young, family, lively
  • Music – jazz, theater, party, street performers
  • Food – seafood, Asian food, food trucks
  • Drinks – beer, liquor, wine
  • Proximity from home – worthy of a stay-cation, close enough to frequent and far enough to maintain priorities
  • Other?

If you’re having trouble nailing down your favorite neighborhood, then maybe you need to do some more exploring. Where to start? Our best advice is to ask your close circle of friends and family for their favorite spots to explore. There’s a reason you like them…they probably have some similar interests.

One of our Agent’s makes it a point to find a new restaurant every week.
One of our Office Staff never does the same hike.
Another Agent randomly picks an activity out of the Stranger Things each week.

These are great ways to get to know a neighborhood and area, but also an excellent way to test your comfort level. We’ve also put together a collection of idea sources at the end of the article.

Our favorite neighborhood?

Sorry if you thought we were going to take a hard stand and tell you which neighborhood is the best. That just wouldn’t be our style. We believe all neighborhoods are beautiful in their own right and it would be rude of us to pick our favorite.

Ok…we’ll tell you, but don’t tell anyone. Coincidently, our favorite neighborhood (and we believe this wholeheartedly) is the same one that you think is the best. See we’re kind of similar. 😉

Ready to tell us your favorite neighborhood?




Here’s a cool collection of neighborhood recommendations from Airbnb hosts. The hosts provide their recommendations and rank the neighborhood by their own standards. Although we might have some different things to say about this list, it’s pretty thorough and intriguing.

Here’s a short list of the 15 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle, from Seattle Magazine. Again, it’s not our opinion of the best neighborhoods, but the article offers some insight into what the neighborhoods are all about.

Things to do

Here are some excellent publications to spark your exploration around Seattle’s neighborhoods. You might even find some discounts and freebies.

Atlas Obscura – Guide to Hidden Seattle
BuzzFeed – 28 Unexpectedly Awesome Things to do in Seattle
Curbed: Seattle – 22 Things to do in Seattle with Kids
Groupon – Things to do in Seattle
Seattle Met – 10 Quintessentially Summer Things to do in Seattle
Stranger Things – Things to do in Seattle this Week
The Crazy Tourist – 25 Best Things to do in Seattle, WA
Thrillist – 33 Free Things to do in Seattle
TripAdvisor – Things to Do in Seattle
USAToday:10 Best – Exploring Seattle: Activities Free of Cost, Rich with Delight
Viator – Seattle Tours, Tickets, Activities & Things to do

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Valentines Day in West Seattle- The Little Big Town of Rock-n-Roll

Valentine’s Day in West Seattle – The Little Big Town of Rock-n-Roll

The Junction. Among West Seattle’s best loved eateries and hobby shops, with its beaming electric blue and red marquis, sits Easy Street Records and Café. Well known for their In Stores concert series, Easy Street Records plays host to famed and up and coming artists as one of the last great free admission venues of Seattle.

Join the Easy Street community on Valentine’s Day to experience their latest In Stores event featuring Seattle Indi-Pop duo SISTERS, as they showcase their debut album, Drink Champagne! As always, admission is free for rockers of all ages.

SISTERS – February 14th @ 7 pm [Free Admission for All Ages] Have your plans covered for Valentine’s Day? Be sure to check out their site for a full series list of upcoming shows.

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Homegrown – 12 Seattle Bands to Add to Your Playlist Right Now

Does is make you feel old to know that Grunge music is now almost three decades old? Have you been paying attention to Seattle’s music scene lately? If not, catch up on the news sounds of the city and see the newest talent in town. Pearl Jam is included on this list of 12 bands to watch right now, so it seems that somethings just never get old. And being as this is a real estate related website, we just have to give a shout out to the band Sunny Day Real Estate!

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